Welcome to my page!

Welcome to my page!

Feb 12, 2023

Hi! I'm Eddie. If you know the feral side of me, you'll know me as Minstrel.

You've probably read my main page, so you know why I'm here. I'm going to take a moment to outline a few things in this post, because I want to make sure there's as little confusion as possible.

I created this page for two reasons:

  1. To share my hike. I love sending postcards and I love photography. So this is a natural way for me to share it with people.

  2. To help fund my hike. One of the most common reasons people quit the PCT is due to budget. I have a good fund ready, and I have a lot of cushion, so I'm really not in any danger of quitting from a lack of funds, but you really can't be too ready for anything. Especially with the amount of snow that's been coming down in the Sierras this year!

I'm going to be updating this page every one to two weeks while on trail with photos and a journal entry or two. The photos I post will be photos I've taken that I like enough to share, and will be postcards sent from two weeks prior. Postcards I send that week will not be shared immediately to preserve the delight of getting a surprise in the mailbox! Don't worry, postcard images won't be labeled as such, so if yours is delayed, there won't be spoilers!

Images will be available for purchase from my website, though there will likely be a lengthy delay from the time you see them here and the time they're available on my website. I take great care to ensure all images are print ready and there's just not a way for me to reasonably do that from trail on my phone, so you'll have to wait until I've been back from trail for at least a few weeks. Thank you for understanding -- I'm impatient, too and am anxious to start getting prints!

If you take your time to sign up, the higher tiers of monthly memberships will likely increase. What I'm doing is breaking down the time and energy it takes to get print ready images for posters and calendars over the course of 5 months. With each month that passes, they'll increase appropriately. If you sign up early you get the postcards for all those months plus the poster and calendar reward, if they apply. If you sign up later, you miss out on the postcards from the earlier months, though you still get it for the months you signed up for and you still get applicable poster and calendar rewards -- make sense? If not, message me. Sometimes I can be incoherent. The joys of not having a publicist.

In the end I'm just super pumped to have people along for my journey, and I'm beyond excited to have you. Thank you.

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