S2 - E7 - Marcos Crichigno - On Physics, ...

S2 - E7 - Marcos Crichigno - On Physics, Philosophy, And The Universe

Jan 30, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of MIND unplugged. You tuned in today for a great episode about physics, philosophy, and life. Today I have the pleasure of talking to Dr. Marcos Crichigno; Aside from his full-time profession of being a seeker and questioning life’s and universe’s big questions, Marcus is a physics research associate at the Imperial College of London. During our episode, you can expect lots of thought-provoking chats on philosophy, life and the universe, and who knows, maybe we can find some answers by inquiring about these topics together today.

Episode link: https://www.dragosradu.com/season-two/episode-7-marcos-crichigno

Marcos and I have done our best to provide you through this episode both answers and provoke new questions about our lives and existence. Some of the topics we address in this episode are:

  • Philosophy & Science

  • Is the Universe infinite?

  • Does the Universe have a mind of its own?

  • Is there free will or does the Universe work in an independent order?

  • How do the laws of physics influence our daily lives?

  • The ending of Time

All these topics have been cracked up open and discussed in this new episode.

We hope you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed doing it for you!

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