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Through the eyes of a Sociopath: Entry 3

Through the eyes of a Sociopath: Entry 3

Aug 08, 2021

I have mentioned it before but for those assholes who choose to skip the first few entries of my little diary, I am Vincent La'Binnac. I am a Scorpio, a hard working overnight stockman at a big name superstore chain and I kill and eat people.

I mentioned before that as a child, my father was a hunter so there was usually a freezer filled with venison… well, mostly venison haha. I have been asked a question already, having only written two entries before being asked, so here is the answer… Yes, my father did unwittingly eat human flesh. He thought it was gamey, chewier than the “other venison” but he couldn’t understand why because he thought it was all from the same deer.

See, my family grew up poor, very poor. We heated water on the stove to have hot baths. We turned on the oven and opened the door, standing in front of it to warm up during the coldest of winter days. I remember times when my father wouldn’t eat because he “wasn’t hungry” but really, we just couldn’t afford food for the both of us that night.

My parents split up when I was young but both of them struggled financially. They just dealt with it differently. My father thrust himself into work, and didn't have nearly enough to show for it considering he would work himself to the point of exhaustion. I remember far too many times where my father would come home from work and mostly all he did after that was fall asleep on the couch watching tv.

My mother was more of a person who worked smart, and tried to enjoy life more. She would save the scraps of cash she had left after bills and food, I was allowed one toy a month and she would have the money to go out for a few drinks with her friends. When i was a little older, she started dating and then married a man who habitually beat the shit out of me when she wasn’t around… which was a lot because she became a manager at the bank she worked at. (in case you are wondering, he was the father of my brother who is ten years younger than me and tragically, my dear step father suffered a fall down the stairs late one night and snapped his neck, dying in a heap at the base of the stairs in our home for me to find early in the morning.)

My mother handled that death rather well, especially since his life insurance paid off most of the house. She didn’t know that, on several occasions, she too was unknowingly eating bullies that i had gotten tired of being beat on by. And, yes, my little brother LOVED it,  even not knowing what it was exactly, but by that time i was getting better at cutting and cooking the meat.

Okay, now that I’ve given you some history and shit, i can talk about something I'm passionate about…. Killing fucking ass holes!

I was at the local bar on Saturday. I’m a quiet person most of the time at such establishments. The last time I got cocky, I was beaten severely and ended up with a fractured eye socket and broken nose, so now I tend to keep to myself at the bars. With a few exceptions, saturday being one of those times.

I was sitting in the corner of the room like I always do, so nobody could sneak up behind me and I could watch the whole crowd. I was keeping my eye on one guy in particular, he made my stomach knot up when he looked in my direction. Evil recognizes evil I suppose, but in watching him, I noticed he was flirting with a young woman who was very clearly uninterested.

It was when i watched him buy her a drink and before he brought it to her, i watched him drop something into the cup and stir it with his finger. He offered it to her as a peace offering, or so he claimed and before she could take a sip, I seemed to trip and covered her in her beer. Oops. The sweet young woman was soaked with bud light and decided to leave, after cursing me out for being a clumsy prick.

She left and the man looked around, I assumed for another victim, he saw nobody and decided to leave… and so did I.

I followed my prey home, being careful as I always was and when he entered his house, I snuck around back. Now, I love the hunt. It gets my heart pumping with each step I take while stocking my victim. As i have said before, I CAN turn off my emotions, but when I kill, being that i only kill rapists and child molesters (unless i can catch a rare treat of a fellow killer, they are exceptional and boy do i have a story to share one day about just that situation) i like to feel when i kill my victims, it’s the after, if i were normal, i would probably feel remorse but because i am exceptional, the memories please me rather than haunt.

I waited a while, peeking in on him from time to time until he went to bed. Once he was asleep, I let myself in and made my way to his bedroom…. Well, when he woke up, he was strapped down to his bed and I stood over him with a grin. I talked to him for a while, and found out that what he did that night was his weekly ritual. This trash, he would go to a bar and find a woman to drug every weekend.

I may have let my anger take hold of me for just a moment because once I heard about all of the people he had hurt, I cut off his cock and forced it into his airway. I let him suffocate on his own severed dick and left him like that to be found by… who cares who finds him. This was Saturday, technically the early hours of sunday and considering it has been almost a week, he must not have been very well liked because he still hasn’t been found.

Whatever, that ass hole deserved what he got and he was one of those that I didn't even take any meat… vultures wouldn’t even eat the meat of such a toxic piece of shit.

Now, i have a story but i will save it for another day… a story about a few years ago when i met a fellow serial killer. It's a fun story so definitely stay tuned for that haha.

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