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Through the eyes of a Sociopath: Entry 2

Through the eyes of a Sociopath: Entry 2

Aug 08, 2021

My son is sick. I don't think that it’s Covid but we can’t be too sure. The stress of dealing with a sick toddler is absolute madness. I am sure that most people who read this little diary of mine won’t understand but god do i want to kill someone right now.

Sociopaths like myself aren't ALL sociopathic tendencies… usually. I have my priorities straight, taking care of my son is more important to me but Jesus Christ, I’m like an addict going through withdrawal. There is something so addictive about seeing the light leave the eyes of some piece of shit.

Sometimes, I don't tell my victims why I chose them but most of the time I do. You sick fucks don't want to read about my random thoughts though, do you? Well, I’ll tell you a little story…

Richard Talbot, pedophile. He started somewhat young, he was 19 when he was first arrested for molesting a 7 year old and beating him almost to death afterwards. He only spent 2 years in jail and then almost immediately was arrested again for being found hovering around a school. He got out of prison again and after a few weeks of good behavior, I found him. I started following him, I have never made a move towards a victim without proof that they won’t change.

After following him for only a week, i caught him traveling the same route just to walk past a particular house where a child played in her yard. He would stop a little too long, waiting to cross the road, he would watch the girl play. Every day for that week, he would stand at the crosswalk and just stare but when he watched her and smiled, that familiar smile that only a sociopath would recognize, I knew it was time to take action… and that is when I smiled that sociopath’s smile.

I watched him walk across the street, but not in the direction he usually walked, he was starting towards the house, the little girl. I’m a sociopath, but as I’ve said before, that doesn't mean I don't feel. It means I can turn off my feelings. Situations like this though, i don’t want to be emotionless. I WANTED to feel the joy of saving that little girl from this scum.

Getting him out of there was easy, I made it clear I was there and directed him away under the guise of it being in his best interest. I led him on, put him under a blanket of false security and before he knew it, he was in a private place of mine where I quickly cut his throat to the bone. He died quickly, I held his head so that I could stare into his eyes to watch that light fade and extinguish.

Well, I sit here writing this while a Richard roast slowly cooks in my crock pot with some sliced carrots, chopped onion and some spices... damn does it smell good. I know that most are disgusted by my dining choices, some others are simply curious. The reality is that I don't care what you think.

I know that most people think sociopaths are just hollow shells. I want you to know that we aren’t all empty, some of us are just better equipped to deal with fucking idiots. We look at the world differently than most, much like how an artist sees the world differently than normal people, but unlike a painter, I kill and eat people haha.

I love the idea of sharing the thoughts of a crazy person with those who don't think the way that I do but aside from simply vomiting my thoughts onto the page, I am unsure what to say. Most of the reason for doing this diary of mine is boredom but there is a bit of curiosity in there too… i want to know what sort of questions you have so lets play a fun game of “ask a sociopath” and i can answer a question or 2 in addition to my normal entries.

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