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Through the eyes of a Sociopath: Entry 1 ...

Through the eyes of a Sociopath: Entry 13

Nov 05, 2022

I thought a new job would ease my mind, that having an overnight job was overly complicating my life and that having nights free could help me to tame what Dexter Morgan would refer to as his dark passenger.

Personally, I enjoyed that show... as unreal as it may have been. I don't have a "Dark Passenger" though, I take responsibility for the things that I do and let's be honest, i also take pride in it all.

I have eaten several people who had hurt, or even killed, children. I have killed countless men who raped and beat women because that is just not how a man should be.

I have thought about stopping, or trying to stop. It has become like a drug at this point. I have stopped for a while because I had a very close call and needed to lie low but last night, mmmmmmm finally I got to feel that sweet sweet tackiness of blood. I got to finally feel their insides slip between my fingers.

This one was one of the most disgusting pieces of filth that there is: you have undoubtedly heard those stories about creepy men following and watching mothers with their children in Walmart or other stores. Well, I was there for a new movie to watch with my son when I saw a woman and her small daughter walking somewhat quickly through the electronics and looking back at a man who was casually walking with his eyes locked on her and her child.

I have to say, why do more people not keep an eye out for things like this? Too many people just turn a blind eye to the child traffickers and shit who don't even bother hiding their intentions. But anyway, I stood at the bin of movies until I found 'Minions'... and until the man walked by me to stock his prey. I wonder if he was able to feel the winds turning, that he had become the prey...

It was when he began walking more quickly that I decided to put some space between him and the woman he was following. I grabbed him and shouted, "Mike! Wait, you're not Mike." Then proceeded to apologize and refused to let him walk away until the woman was out of view.

He shoved me and started looking for him, that was when I did it. Nobody would have known anything was wrong but he could feel the tip of the knife against his gut and heard my whisper to walk with me to the exit. Long story short, I led him to my car and sat him down in the passenger seat. The sedative I quickly surprised him with entered his veins fast and out he went.

I waited for him to wake before I began to cut. I had been scoping out a good place for a while, since I couldn't partake in my.... hobby... this place was an old factory that had been half destroyed by time and lost by overgrowth of forest.

This place was far from anyone but still I took the time to soundproof a room and then hide its entrance from anyone else who might stumble upon the factory. I had him hanging on the wall upside down from a hook and the rope tying his ankles together. He was high enough up that I only had to bend a little to meet his upside down face and I smiled.

"Do you find it entertaining to stalk and steal children away from their families to be used and abused. To be beaten, raped and murdered..." I dragged a freshly sharpened knife across his bare chest, "maybe it's time to show you how it feels to be one of those defenseless children that you so carelessly destroy."

He couldn't answer or respond, I had super glued his lips together and then, just for a bit more pain, sewed them shut with thick yarn. The blood from the needle marks had dripped down, well, up his face and it just made him look so funny to me.

I smiled at him, it was time for his first real lesson in how real karma could be. I took the example of a worst case scenario of what could happen to one of the children he may have taken and with that in mind.... I turned him around, spinning him on the rope that held him up and when he was facing the wall, I jammed a rusted pipe up his ass.

The screams started muffled but quickly he tore the lips apart, ripping the yard through flesh and tearing the glue free and I shivered at the cries of pain.

"Awe, did I hurt you?" I twisted the pipe, hearing the rust scraping flesh. The screams stopped suddenly and I looked down at him. The prick passed out from the pain, "None of that. Wakey wakey." I slapped the top of the pipe and he jolted back to consciousness, the screams began again.

I played with my prey a bit more before I got bored. I cut the rope that held his hands behind his back before spinning him back to face me.

"I think it's time to let you go... have you learned your lesson?" He nodded fast, blood drops from his torn lips flung all around. "Okay, time to go."

I sliced across his stomach right where his waistline would be and watched his insides roll out. I laughed while he struggled to catch and shove his guts back inside but quickly the spark in him began to fade. I knelt in front of him and grabbed his head so I could stare into his eyes... I wanted to watch this filths flame fizzle and extinguish.

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