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What Silence Has Brought Me

What Silence Has Brought Me

Nov 12, 2021

Hello and Yes ! I AM still here and alive and well beautiful peeps … It has been a long silence in this platform since my last newsletter way back in August about going on life’s pilgrimage ( a soul journey ) and I must say that I did not have a clue on what would come up ….

To my surprise , so much inner work and shedding has happened behind the scenes ( where I shared bits and pieces of it in my FB /IG accounts ) but I took most of those times just BEing … Meaning , staying consciously in the “ present” moment … listening , observing, allowing and surrendering 🦋. This brought me back to my basic health and self care practices from 2015 .. only this time , it is for a much deeper and bigger expansion of my truth .

If you have often wondered if there is something bigger , better or a more meaningful purpose waiting for you , the answer is YES! Remember that YOU are already the Love and Light that you seek . You just need to remember and work on embodying it back .

Healing work is not linear , not one size fits all and definitely no timelines . How you do one thing can be different with another yet holds the same purpose … to BE in your truth 👼 & to set you free from your self limiting beliefs .

With Love and Light ,

Antonette , xoxo 😘

IG: www.Instagram.com/antonette_benitez

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