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Time + Friendship = Good For The Soul

Time + Friendship = Good For The Soul

Feb 09, 2021

Yesterday , I had the opportunity to connect with my college batch mates /friends on  just a  short notice to call others to bond  . Well......two arrived from Texas , one from SD area , one from Chino and the other one is just here in Orange ... 👀👀

Had it not been for our two friends from Texas , us living locally would not have the chance to meet and catch up ! Can you believe that ??😳🤪...

Anyway my point here is that life can take us here and there , keep us busy , juggle with to do list especially with family priorities but it is “ always” a good thing to remind ourselves ( at least for me , this holds very very true ) that friends are just as important as everyday living . 

So??? Yes we had fun last night , talking about college days , reminiscing fun times being single and young and most of all , getting real with life as where we are right now 🥰.

I AM definitely looking forward to spend more “ intentional decisions “ in reaching out and connecting with friends while maintaining balance in creating my coaching /mindset programs , DIY classes ( soon) and making healthy dishes as my outlets 👼🤩! 

Let’s connect 👉🏼 www.facebook.com/iamauthenticempowerment

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