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One Business License Renewed!

One Business License Renewed!

Jan 24, 2023

Notes on how I use these funds

Right now, Dayo and I are very hungry. All the time. Every day.

I have been going hungry for two and half years to pay the rent and feed my monstrously large boy child (he’s 6’ 2”, wears a size 14 shoe and is built like a fullback). In Barbados, they would say “he thick like cou cou.” And he is. In person, you’ll understand why I’m struggling to feed him.

While my computer is indeaquate for my needs, Dayo, a budding 3D artist, programmer and developer himself, kilt (yes he KILT) the machine available to him last May and has been without any device beyond his Xbox since. He draws on every blank piece of paper, and he’s getting better and better. But he longs, and pines for something to write code on, and can run Blender. (I take a moment to be proud about this, but it hurts right after that I can’t give him what he needs.)

There are many things we both need, clothes and shoes to be sure, but right now our most pressing and urgent need is food and shelter.

I am being evicted from my apartment and am trying to get to a safe place. I have such a place, just no funds to get there yet.

Today, your support over this weekend helped me to renew my business license and rescue one of my domain names from redemption. Dayo and I also ate our first full meal since Saturday lunchtime.

Until I reach my monthly goal, all funds go towards survival and keeping my company afloat.

My current situation, ADHD symptoms wildly out of control from not eating properly for so long and extreme stress, doesn’t allow me to focus on more than I can in any given day.

However, do not doubt your support is meaningful. It is the difference between whether we eat or not, whether we thrive or not.

I am planning to do some videos, but for now it is hard to talk about everything without crying my eyes out, and apparently the sight of a woman of colour in pain makes people uncomfortable.

I might do it anyway.

My goal is to continue to write here, and hopefully share audio and video with you all soon.

I will also continue to provide an accounting here as best I can. I know my Imposter Syndrome is messing with me a lot, but I need to write.

I also can’t commit to writing like I used to, the way so many people remember me writing and communicating, without financial support.

So thank you to those of you who have stepped up. And thank you those who reached out!

Thank you for this weekend, you helped me to keep the company afloat and I am forever grateful for it! Thank you!

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