Book 2 Begins

Book 2 Begins

Dec 31, 2021

With today's posting of chapter 1 of Siege Fall, we continue the story from where we left off. When I decided to narrate Book 1 as a podcast, I had no idea how it would go. Would I have five listeners, counting immediate family? I'd never done a podcast before so I had no clue.

Happily, the podcast has been well received. I do appreciate the comments listeners have posted via Podbean or sent me via email. That's encouraged me to continue.

Actually creating the recordings has been a bit of a learning curve since, as I said, I'd never done anything like this before. With some helpful advice (thanks Todd and Jeff) and a lot of trial and error, the process has become a little faster. On average, it still takes about an hour and a half to record a chapter in raw form. After that, it's been taking three or so hours to edit the raw audio. That's down from my early chapters that took more like six hours to edit. There's still just as many flubs, coughs and do-overs. I'm just getting faster at editing. :-/

That said, if you find something amiss in one of the chapters, do let me know. I've caught a few repeats where I re-said something better but neglected to delete the bad version. While editing chapter 1, I found a spot where I used the wrong name for someone saying something. "Martin said," when it should have been "Margaret said." Oops. Had to fix that. It makes me wonder how many of those I didn't catch.

A narrating challenge I can see ahead, is that Book 2 has a lot more characters in it. Book 1 was primarily Martin and Susan with the occasional 'other' voice. Martin's world in Book 2 gets a lot more populated. I'm not sure how well that will go. Guess we'll find out.

Thanks for listening and for the encouragement. It means a lot.

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