it's uncertain but it's mine.

it's uncertain but it's mine.

Feb 21, 2022

it's uncertain but it's mine.

and i mean my life. it is almost 8PM on a monday and i'm wondering about my life again—the uncertainty of it. sure, i still feel like i always do when presented with anything related to navigation but i'm a little bit more comfortable in being lost. stuck is never a good feeling but lost is okay, because lost means there's a way forward (or a way out. eventually, at least.) i'm also enjoying just not having a set way forward. i think this is what they mean when you stop to smell the roses.

stuck is never a good feeling but lost is okay, because lost means there's a way forward.

this might feel reckless to some, and it is, i don't deny that, but this is just me rebelling against years of being told so and so to achieve so and so. we're so often told and conditioned that contentment lies in milestones or achievements, but is it really? i feel like that invisible ladder never really called to me, i guess i just don't have much ambition. and you know what? that's okay. we're not all built for altitude. some of us, we burrow and spread our roots. some of us, dandelions, we go where the wind takes us.

i'm just against giving myself unnecessary pressure, i know the taste of enduring and it's a taste i've grown resentful of. i enjoy the slowing down, the roses, and everything i discover while being lost. and there are so many things we miss following just one road. the world is wide, fren, and it is bright and it is waiting.

as usual, my words are here if you need them.

take care of yourself, fren.

always rooting for you,


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