Video Releases Of The Day

Video Releases Of The Day

Oct 17, 2021

Videos Of The Day

Today we get back into The Fisherman: Fishing Planet series by replaying the tutorial.

Note: The game can glitch in the tutorial, preventing you from being able to advance. The way to fix this is to restart the tutorial, and once you start fishing do not move your character from the spot. It seems moving up and down the bank is the issue that causes the glitch.

Fact: There are two versions of this game. The paid version allows you to unlock mostly everything pretty fairly by just playing the game. However, there is a free to play version that you have to spend real money. I've seen a lot of people say they like the F2P version better, but I personally much prefer the paid version. If you enjoy fishing this is a decent game, has beautiful graphics, and can be pretty exciting once you get going.

Fact 2: Where I come from it's not a "Croppie" It's pronounced just as it's spelled "CRAPPie." In previous episodes I've had comments about the way I pronounced it. I'm just letting y'all know you are wrong not me! lol I will not respond to any comments about the way I pronounce specific things.

I took some highlights from an earlier hunt on PlayStation and from the PC stream below to make a quick Highlights video. I wanted to go on and release this one as an extra as soon as I could.

Stream Archives

theHunter COTW: Rancho Del Arroyo - Twitch Stream 10/15/2021

Earlier in the day while waiting to go to a Dr. appointment I decided to go unlock the rest of the hunting structures and POI on the console version. I ended up getting 3 diamonds! 2 Rio Grande Turkey, and a Bighorn Sheep. During the stream I done some crossbow hunting, and got decent at taking down turkey at night with it. I later moved on to run a loop of my Whitetail grind. I managed to grab 2 more Whitetail Diamonds during the stream!

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