New Extras Coming Soon!

New Extras Coming Soon!

Feb 06, 2021

This is my back catalog of artwork that I've made into Wallpaper Extras. I have decided to upload only one of these a day as not to spam followers, Twitter, or FB posts. I will still be doing other new items as well. 

After these are done I will be working on getting some of my songs ready for the Extras. Songs may have multiple Extras associated with each.  1 will be a download of the song for listening, 2 if the song is intended for video background music it will be set at a different premium price, and come with a license to use that  song in your videos, and 3 may be a collection of songs or versions of a song at different prices. 

Most single songs will be $1. I like to make 2 types of collections. 1 collections of different songs, which may contain an extra different version of one or two songs, and 2 collections of different versions of one song. Pricing on collection will depend on what's in the collection. 

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