New Content Creator Extras! 8/27/2022

New Content Creator Extras! 8/27/2022

Aug 27, 2022

I've just added 2 new extras for content creators!

The first asset pack is a set of icons I personally use for part of my theHunter Call Of The Wild Overlay. This is just a set of icons that represent each medal you can earn, and I personally use it for keeping count. For instance if you want to show off how many diamonds or great ones you have! This includes icons for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Great One!

The second asset pack is a Purple and Pink Flame Overlay set. It features an overall overlay with 13 options, and a webcam overlay as well. The options include the border with no name background, the border with a borderless name background, and then the border with a name background in the following options, matching purple and pink flame, pink flame, black, blue, green, lime, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow.

Note that the overlay does not include a name already on it. You can easily add this via your OBS like program, or you can simply add an image of your name over top of the overlay, and position it.

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