Free Extras For Members

Free Extras For Members

Jan 29, 2021

I have started publishing some of my Extras already. Right now I only have a few backgrounds in 1920x1080 300dpi format, but I will soon be adding other things as well. These backgrounds that I'm creating now are digital paintings that I'm doing to learn and explore Corel Painter. I will be giving away at least the first 5 to members to say thank you. Any of these digital paintings in this series will be set at only $1 as well for non members.

Other content that I upload as extras may not follow the same plan, but I will keep everything reasonable. Every month I will post new free extras for members.

Upcoming content may include other types of my art, photography I have done as backgrounds and for artist reference (but not manipulation), music I have created for either listening, or video / stream use, and more.

If you'd like one of my backgrounds / wallpapers in different dimensions, or for me to create one in specific dimensions in the future please feel free to let me know.

I truly hope you all enjoy the content.

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