FAQs 01: Why is it named Art Video Suite ...

FAQs 01: Why is it named Art Video Suite, and what is an EP?

Feb 13, 2024

I keep getting asked over and over what is an EP, and why did I name the EP the Art Video Suite.

First, If you have anymore questions you would like answered please post them as a comment.

So here are the questions and my answers...

  1. What is an EP?
    An EP is a short album of music known as an Extended Play. I have no idea why it's called Extended when it's a shorter album though. There are actually a few levels of releases, which I'll jump into now...

    1. A Single (Song), which is just one song. Also known as a radio single sometimes.

    2. A Single (Collection), which is usually a small collection of different versions of the same song, and sometimes has one or two other songs in some form. Vinyls would have B Sides with other songs usually. Yes, this and the above are both called singles. I know it's confusing.

    3. An EP, also known as an Extended Play, contains more tracks than a single, but fewer than an Album, and is usually between 4 and 9 tracks. Base EPs will be 15 to 30 minutes long, while extended or deluxe editions may be a little longer. This comes from the days of Vinyl based on 45s and their maxing length. Think of this as a mini album that can be anything from full fledge final versions to a few demos, or a mix of any. Also, EPs do not always follow a theme.

    4. An LP, also known as a Long Play or Album, is today's full album. Originally you could have 46 minutes of music on an LP, which was 23 on each side. Now albums are usually based on CD lengths, which range from 74 to 80 minutes. If using the CD system you can add extra discs to add as much music as you wish. These are known as Double Albums, Triple Albums, and continue to grow in this manner. Digital albums Usually try to adhere to these standards as well in case it's ever put to disc. However, digital albums can contain any amount of music you wish. Albums usually have some sort of theme(s).

    5. A Compilation is any of a number of types of collections of music. Compilations can be from a single artist or multiple artists, and may or may not be based on any defining themes.

      1. Album Compilations usually have 1 to 3 discs worth of music based on a theme. This could be something like WWE entrance music, Killer Halloween Songs, or etc...

      2. However Compilations also cover things like Box Sets, and large music collections from one artist. I will usually call these Collections, Sets, or Collection Sets.

    6. A Catalogue is an artist's complete works, or complete released works.

  2. Why did you name your EP Art Video Suite?

    1. This EP was written purposely to be used as video background music for my art videos. Some I always intended to release it as an EP with just the 2 guitars from the beginning though. Since the songs were intended to be used for video background music I named it the Art Video Suite. Originally it was Art Video Suite 001, but after all of the questions I removed the 001 from the end.

  3. Will there be more music or releases like the Art Video Suite?

    1. Yes, in fact I've already got a full song and more material for the next EP of this nature. However, the next EP will feature bass and drums as well.

  4. Will you be performing any of the AVS music live or gigging to support it?

    1. I'm working on single acoustic versions of each of the 4 songs so I can perform the live on my streams.

    2. I don't know about going to an establishment to do a gig, but I will be doing a few live shows for family and friends at various places probably.

  5. Since you've got songs for "AVS 2" will you be playing them live?

    1. At some point I would like to, but honestly it depends on my hands and my arthritis. Parts of the new song, and other songs I have been thinking of for this release, are extremely painful to play on my classical guitar. However, other guitars may not have the same problem.

  6. Will the AVS 1 and 2 songs go beyond just 2 guitars or pianos?

    1. I am planning "full" versions of these songs as well that in total will include 2 guitars, possibly multiple keyboard / synth parts, bass, drums, and orchestral parts.

    2. "AVS 2" songs will include bass and drums as well

  7. What will "AVS 2" be called, and what are the names of the songs?

    1. Right now it's project code is AVS2 and possible name is Exploring The Soundscapes.

    2. I'm not ready to give the song names or information out yet.

  8. Where can I purchase tabs or sheet music for your songs?

    1. I will be addressing this in a full post again later, but the short answer is here. If you find them anywhere else please notify me, because they should not be hosted anywhere else.

    2. I am currently working on the scores for AVS that will be released in a digital book format, and I plan to add them to some place like Amazon as well for printed versions.

    3. I may put PDF versions of single scores up for sell here too at some point if demand is high enough.

  9. Will anymore content for AVS come out at this point?

    1. Yes, I will be releasing a video for Fog Of Dismay, and...

    2. The musical scores for the EP as a whole, and possible individual digital ones as well.

    3. I'm hoping to get at least one video from live performances of each of the 4 songs, and...

    4. I will be making several Short / TikTok style videos to hopefully generate more interest in the release.

  10. Where can I watch your live performances online?

    1. https://twitch.tv/michaelthearch However, I don't have set dates scheduled or know when these performances will take place yet.

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