Tax Filing 101: Room for Reform

Tax Filing 101: Room for Reform

Apr 23, 2022

The Tax Foundation

Combing through the chaos: With increased social spending through the tax code exacerbating this year's tax filing process, many including the IRS are ready to put this tax season behind them. 

It ain't over ’til it’s over: The 2022 tax filing deadline for most taxpayers was this past Monday, April 18th. But for those who make estimated federal tax payments, including gig economy workers, this week was just one of many tax deadlines.

  • 34 percent of gig workers did not know that they may be required to make quarterly estimated payments to the IRS, according to one recent survey.

Don't give up the gig: From ridesharing to rental properties, the rise of gig economy work has reduced barriers to self-employment, but has also led to discussions about whether existing tax rules can accommodate this activity, and whether gig workers are well-equipped to comply with their tax obligations. 

Expert advice: See more of our gig economy research and explore our experts' menu of reform recommendations at both the federal and state levels.

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