How I Make $5000 from Facebook monthly.

How I Make $5000 from Facebook monthly.

Dec 24, 2022

Facebook’s 2021 revenue is $117 billion. Facebook makes this money off of its users who spend an average of half an hour daily on Facebook.

Facebook is a giant advertising platform and renowned peer-to-peer Marketplace with more than 2.8 billion members. You can earn in millions of ways from Facebook.

Quick note: Just don’t believe everything you read about earning money. Try and test it yourself before you actually believe in it.

18 methods shown in this post are tried and tested by people. Here we go.

1. Be the Guru in the group.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Help your group members as much as possible.

You might be an expert in something, and help people with whatever you are good at. Your guides and teaching will be shared by people in other groups or friends. Once you are known for it and people are coming to you, you can ask for fees for your expertise.

2. Promoting.

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