Thank you

Aug 20, 2022

I've been blogging since 2004, podcasting since 2009, and livestreaming since 2022. I've spent a lot of time creating content on my own, which has led to work for other people, companies, and organizations. When I did a livestream with Charlie Meyerson, he said I should ask people to donate to my pursuits, so I created this account. Charlie became my first paid supporter! I'd like to thank him and thank the thousands of people who have read my blog and listened to my podcast over the years. I really appreciate it, and I love doing it!

For my digital pursuits, I've spent money on a really nice computer, a laptop, a couple of USB mics, a Zoom pro account, audio software and hardware, a tripod, website hosting, video and audio classes, a music library, a livestream account (through which I stream to my Radiogirlpod and Metrolingua Twitter accounts, my personal Facebook and Radiogirl Facebook accounts, and YouTube) and other things I can't think of right now.

I wouldn't mind getting a Shure USB mic sometime. When I visited that company some years ago, I asked them if they were going to create a USB mic, and they said they were working on it.

Anyway, thanks for your support and hope you keep listening/watching/reading for some time to come!

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