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Welcome to our Exclusive Content Library ...

Welcome to our Exclusive Content Library!

Jan 04, 2021

Dearest butterflies, wanderers, Earthians of all colors, shapes and sizes,

You have landed in a most curious place: an online library where we catalogue and preserve the magical moments that have graced the Metamorfosize Project's virtual halls, since its conception in May 2020. We know not how you got here, but we are very grateful that you found us, and we hope you will enjoy your stay in this library <3

The human potential for creativity knows no bounds, and its magic is at its greatest at the height of spontaneity, at that elusive border between masterful expertise and childlike uncertainty. For that reason, improvisation and spontaneity have played a very important role in our events, and every event is a unique experience co-created by all involved.

Unlike most other virtual event creators, the vast majority of our events have NOT been live-streamed or re-watchable publicly, to encourage people to be present with us during the events in real time, just as you would for in-person events. However, we have a vast collection of content that we will now use to create this special library, which you can access by becoming a member :)


Workshops, performances, rehearsal moments, process videos, and more!


1) Support us with a monthly subscription fee of $9/month (or $99/year)

The revenue earned through these subscriptions and other donations go directly into the operational costs involved in creating our events, and get distributed among active community members (artists, workshop facilitators, core team members) whose energy, time, and expertise make these events possible.

2) Become an active community member and contribute your gifts, energy, and time into our events

All founding community members (artists and workshop facilitators who contributed in our 2020 events) get at least 1 year's membership for free, and will continue to have free membership as long as they continue being active members of the community :)


1) Get important announcements for upcoming events directly in your inbox

2) Get discounts for our merch and special premium events by our community members

3) Other special gifts that will be announced on a later date :)

For our publicly available materials, feel free to check out:

Our Website

Our Facebook Page

Our Instagram Page

Our Youtube Channel

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] .

Otherwise, we hope that you will enjoy your time in this library, and we thank you for your support in making this community possible <3

Much love,

Valencia Selestina

Founder and Artistic Director

The Metamorfosize Project

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