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005 Preview: Valentine's Special - Integ ...

005 Preview: Valentine's Special - Integrating the Masculine and the Feminine

Feb 14, 2021

For this year's Valentine's Day, we are posting a very special piece from the Metamorfosize May concert: a three-person dance-and-music collaboration that explores the journey of Transformation and Integration of the Masculine and the Feminine.

The piece became what it is sort of by accident, from separately developed performance pieces by Gemiah Kurzfeld and Valencia Selestina respectively, that somehow ended up flowing well together into a cohesive narrative due to the similar themes explored in their individual pieces. Daniel Berkman, a talented multi-instrumentalist from California, joined the fray and became the "bridge" of sorts between the two polarized aspects represented by Gemiah (masculine) and Valencia (feminine).

All of the pieces are improvised, with just the basic narrative/direction predetermined before the actual performance. Acts 1 and 2 used pre-recorded music, while Act 3 had live, improvised music by Daniel.

Below you will see 3 preview videos for each of the pieces. Watch the full piece by becoming a member :)

Preview of Act 1: Outside In (Gemiah Kurzfeld)

Preview of Act 2: Metamorphoses (Valencia Selestina)

Preview of Act 3: Integration (Daniel Berkman, Gemiah Kurzfeld, Valencia Selestina)


Gemiah Kurzfeld (USA)

Valencia Selestina (Indonesia)


Daniel Berkman (USA)

Pre-recorded music in "Outside In" preview:

"Brim" - Olafur Arnalds

Pre-recorded music in "Metamorphoses" preview:

"Familiar" by Agnes Obel

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