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017 Preview: Metamorfosize Concert Behin ...

017 Preview: Metamorfosize Concert Behind the Scenes Ep. 04

May 04, 2021

By now, we were just 3 days away from the Big Day, and it was the first time we rehearsed with some idea of the sequence of performances within the Concert. This was extremely important for the artists to understand the flow of the event, and to know when they need to activate / switch off their video -- which was probably the hardest thing of all, since this was not something that anyone ever needed to do in a live, in-person event.

This particular Behind the Scenes episode will provide you with some valuable insights with regards to producing an online performance experience using the Zoom Webinar (not a regular Zoom meeting). And, perhaps, it will also give you some sense of what we were dealing with at just 3 days before the actual Concert, especially the amount of issues and uncertainties that had to be fixed in a short amount of time!

From my vantage point, as the founder of Metamorfosize who is presently producing our 1-year anniversary festival, it feels rather nostalgic to process and upload these videos, which marked the beginnings of what has grown into an incredible international community, and revisit the triumphs and ordeals we all went through last year. I couldn't have known that that one concert would lead to what it is today, and it feels rather surreal to be reminded of just how much growth have been experienced (by both myself and the community) within less than a year. I am humbled and grateful, and looking forward to more 🤩

Enjoy the short preview below, and watch the full video by becoming a member :)

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