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025 Preview: ETS Trial Concert - Breakou ...

025 Preview: ETS Trial Concert - Breakout Rooms I (Caro & EJUKU)

Jul 09, 2021

The "Embracing the Shadow" Trial Concert series was the first time we tried a particular format of Zoom events, where multiple Breakout Rooms were open at the same time, with different artists offering different experiences in each room. This created a museum/gallery-like experience, where audience members could explore the rooms at will and design their own adventure.

Such an approach was in direct contrast with the Metamorfosize Concert, which featured a linear line-up of performances that everyone experienced together. There were many obvious benefits to this format, both for the artists and for the audience members.

For the artists, the Breakout Rooms format offered them more flexibility with regards to time constraints; they could create performances and experiences that were 15-30minutes long, instead of keeping things under 10minutes like they had to do in a linear concert. Furthermore, since each Room existed autonomously, the artists had more freedom to create and experiment as they wanted within their Rooms, without having to worry about flow, which would have been an important consideration in a linear concert (i.e. arranging the performances so they flowed well from one to the next).

For the audience members, this format offered them higher degrees of flexibility, interactivity, and personal choice. They can choose to be in whichever Room(s) they enjoy the most, and stay for as long or for as little as they liked. Everyone's preferences are subjective, after all :)

As such, in any given Trial Concert (there were a total of 3), audience members got to experience short performances that everyone experienced together, and Breakout Room experiences that were more "choose-you-own-adventure" style. So far, the videos that have been uploaded here were the short performances. Now you'll get to check out some of the Breakout Room recordings, this one here being the first: a music-and-dance improv collaboration between Carolina Ramirez (Argentina) and EJUKU (Uganda/Brazil).

Enjoy the Preview below! If you are curious to see the full video, you can access it today by becoming a member :) thank you very much for your support!


Carolina Ramirez (Argentina)

EJUKU (Uganda/Brazil)

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