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009: BONUS - Phoenix Rising (Grant Bosni ...

009: BONUS - Phoenix Rising (Grant Bosnick, Tru Guy Starhorse, Coco Ayumi)

Mar 09, 2021

Today we are taking a little break from the Metamorfosize May 2020 concert and jumping ahead in time with a special bonus content from our January 2021 festival, Dreamers' Lab: REBIRTH!

This epic performance piece was the Opening Act of Show and Jam #3 from this 24-hour virtual festival, and was met with resounding cheers and applause from a thoroughly enthralled international audience. It was put together by 3 artists from different parts of three world (Singapore, Japan, & Canada) and performed LIVE in real time :)

It was truly a spectacular expression of the festival's theme, REBIRTH, and we were truly honored to serve as a platform for these talented artists to share their Gifts with the world <3

In the words of the artists themselves:

"Phoenix Rising" is the emergence from being bound and restricted by the setting sun world into a fetterless world of freedom and renewed self-actualization. This performance of electro-acoustic tribal music and multi-ethnic dance tells this story.

Check out the full video below, and scroll down for more information on the artists :)

Music by:

Grant Bosnick and Conoley Ospovat

Performed by:

Grant Bosnick (Singapore) on Percussion

TruGuy Starhorse (Canada) on Vocals & Flute

Coco Ayumi (Japan) as the Dancer

Recorded live at Dreamers' Lab: REBIRTH, 30 January 2021

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