Coming Soon to a Podcast near you.

Coming Soon to a Podcast near you.

Nov 27, 2021

I'm Elizabeth Lulu, and I help you organize your office and improve work flow. I have over ten years of experience organizing homes and offices. I'm still developing fantastic programs right now that I can offer to people who want assistance taking control of their space.

Being genuinely enthusiastic about sharing some useful tips is the enjoyable part of organizing. What better way to spread these ideas than with a brand-new podcast that is packed with interesting stories and useful information. We hope that you will benefit and have a new perspective on how best to achieve a better work flow in your office or work space. Do you think you would listen to my podcast? Let me know. Please help me decide on a name for the podcast. Which do you think would catch your attention. With your vote, which name suits the mission better? or write me your suggestion.

  • Organizing! and why it matters.

  • Scary stories of a disorganized office.

  • The Office Organizing Chronicles: The Office Case of the Week

  • A hybrid office is not for the faint of heart.

  • Organizing? Who needs it?

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