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You like struggling.

You like struggling.

Oct 30, 2022

On some level, maybe you want to be stuck where you are because it’s become a core part of your personal and entrepreneurial identity. 

You cant imagine what its like to NOT stuggle, so you self sabotage.

When struggle/scarcity is familiar safe and comfortable… ease and growth can feel scary and bad.

TEST: How good are you at imagining yourself having a very lovely, easeful, playful life and business? Is that an easy visualization for you?

Daydream about it: 20 hour work week. Massive fucking profit. Effortless sales. Your business running like a well oiled machine. Knowing exactly what to do and why. Expansion. Joy. Finding SO MUCH pleasure and play in your sexy CEO role.

Do you think thats possible for you?

Play with the idea that its possible.

See yourself there. Make decisions from that place. And be your future self NOW! 🌻🦋

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