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Orgasmic Business

Orgasmic Business

Oct 30, 2022



The vehicle by which I share my medicine, magic, and message with the world.

That entity which allows me to express the truest and deepest parts of me, authentically and creatively. (Re: marketing)

The organism through which I can be a renegade force for good in this world and be of service to humanity.

A collection of my god-given skills, talents, abilities, passions... and all the wisdom I've accumulated through lived experiences, presented to my community for their healing/enjoyment/ entertainment/transformation (or all of the above)

The means by which I provide value to others and help them achieve their unique dreams, hopes and goals... and move past their fear and pain.


As a business and marketing coach to birth doulas, I sometimes get messages/comments along the lines of: "This isn't a career, Melynda, it's a calling."

Why can't it be both?

Isn't it the WET DREAM of the vast majority of humans on this planet to have your career/business also be your higher purpose and soul mission?

Isn't that why we left our 9-5's?

Turning your calling into your career is some revolutionary shit. Not everyone has the opportunity, desire or means to do that. It's something to revel in and be so grateful for.

Your "business" can be your ministry and your magnum opus.

It doesn't have to be a dirty, naughty patriarchal word.

Do these concepts: business, marketing, profit, revenue, wealth, etc. have a shadow side?


But its just a "side", not the whole thing.

It all depends on how you use it.

You can use your business and wealth to have a positive net impact on humanity or... you can be a rainforest-killing, child slave labor douchebag.

I'll say this, knowing my audience is mostly doulas and midwives:

We talk all day about how birth isn't INHERENTLY pathological or traumatic. We talk about how it has the potential to be ecstatic, orgasmic, even.

I feel exactly the same way about business and marketing. It "can be" some really yucky shit or you can opt for something else entirely >>>>

An orgasmic business. 💦 💦

Much pleasure.

Much play.

Not dreary.

Very flowing.

Very lovely.

So helpful to humans.

Something totally different from what the TV tells us.

dig it

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