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Lost your biz mojo?!?😭

Lost your biz mojo?!?😭

Jun 02, 2022

Hey Doulas and Midwives,

💦 Does your business give you WAP?

🍬 Does it make your nipples hard?

✨ Does it light you the fuck UP?

🤑 Does it make you feel abundant and worthy?

🤪 Are you having FUN sharing your passion and creating your doula biz!?

.... I sure hope so!!

And yeah, I understand that it’s not gonna be like that 24/7/365, but it can and should be like that the vast majority of the time. 😍

If building your Doula business feels complicated... feels like it’s lost its magic.... or you’re starting to get deflated/agitated😭😡

Then let’s chat. 🥰

I want to help you get your mojo back. 😎

The truth is, building a business can be a total, absolute pain in the ASS. Whatever it is thats a big pain in your ass right now- I call these your...

✨Business Hemmorhoids✨

If you’ve got Business Hemmorhoids, then, well, I want you to think of me as a giant, greasy tube of Preparation H.

Book a (free) Chemistry Call with me….


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