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Fair + symbiotic energy exchange

Fair + symbiotic energy exchange

Jun 27, 2022

Entrepreneurs. You’re not swindling or bamboozling anyone by requiring a fair, balanced, symbiotic energy exchange. ☯️ If you’re a woman, God knows you already do fuck tons of unpaid and undervalued labor. When that seeps into your business, you’ll be exceedingly depleted both personally and professionally. This is a recipe for (opens cookbook) Gourmet Burnout. 

Key words here: balance, fair trade, symbiosis, harmony, homeostasis.

You can serve more powerfully, from the overflow. It’s hard to provide a world class, five star level of service to clients (the kind they deserve) when your cup is bone dry. 

Donating and volunteering your time and energy is beautiful and wonderful and absolutely indicated.

I reckon maybe the key is just to do it with eyes wide open and ask if you’re doing it altruistically, or because you have an inability to receive back the love and energy you so generously give to others. 


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