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Jun 04, 2022

A few random thoughts. Enjoy this brain dump:

1. Focus More On What You Can Give Than Get 🌠

Here’s the deal. The economy is complete TRASH right now, and our BS meters are dialed up to the highest frequency. We instantly feel whether or not someone’s a giver or taker. Millennials are especially sensitive to manipulative, sleazy, inauthentic marketing, We can smell that shit from a mile away.

Whether you realize it or not, every single product, service, blog post, video, podcast, Twitter update, email blast and website you create is impregnated with either the intention to give or the intention to get. And people can feel that in their bones. Intuitively.

So the real key here is to focus on GIVING during every step of your marketing process.

Even your sales materials can be crafted with the question, “How can I give more than I get right now?”

Whether it’s the tone of your copy, the free content you offer, the delivery of your product or service, your follow-up messages, your guarantee or the bonuses you make available... always make the conscious choice to give more than you can get.

Action Step: Whenever you create anything or have any interaction, start with the intention to give more value than you receive. Hand on heart. Come from that place and see what happens. It’ll be glorious, I promise. And it’ll FEEL good for all parties involved.

2. Get Over The Need to People Please + Have Everybody “Like” You 🌠

When you try to get everyone and their mother to like you, you inevitably water down your message, create BORING products and loose impact.

When you play it safe, sure, you may get less criticism, but you’ll also get less money, less career satisfaction and you’ll have WAY less fans and followers.

When I first started out, I tried to conform by being this polished, buttoned up entrepreneur. I even wore clothes to cover up my tattoos. Honestly? It totally sucked. And my bank account agreed. The truth is, I like throw the word “fuck” around like confetti and I have a pretty dark sense of humor.

Once I understood that my business, brand and personality WERE ALL ONE THING, my income (and satisfaction) increased exponentially!

The simple fact is; no matter how awesome, smart, loving, funny or nice you are…

Or no matter how freakin’ awesome your products or services are…

Some people just WILL NOT like you or your stuff. And that’s O.K., because for every person who doesn’t like you (womp womp), there will be thousands who fucking love you and what you stand for!!

Action Step: Quit basing your message, brand and business decisions on what everyone else in your industry is doing. Let go of the need to get the approval or permission of others. I love you just the way you are. Do you love you, too?

3. Get Your Peeps On Your List 🌠

Having a legion of blog readers, Twitter followers or Facebook fans is truly awesome, but never underestimate the importance of getting your peeps on your mailing list.

That means you need to make it very attractive for them to “opt in” (or submit their name and email into your web form) and confirm that they want to receive messages from you.

As you probably know, email is still one of the most reliable, affordable and easy ways to stay closely connected with your market.

And it’s a fantastic way to become a regular, welcomed presence in your customer’s life.

And when it comes to selling products or services, effective email promotions can make you a lot of money. I really can’t stress the importance of your list enough.

Having a high-quality, highly responsive email list is one of the most valuable assets in your online business.

So attracting fans and followers is great, but make it a priority to get your peeps on your list.

Action Step: Make sure there’s a very cool, extremely valuable “ethical bribe” (also known as an opt-in offer) on your website. If you’re marketing to dildo enthusiasts, a video and PDF report teaching “How to clean your dildos and where to store them so you kids won’t find them” is gonna convert like crazy.

4. Create and Share Amazing Content Regularly 🌠

One of the simplest methods to create raving fans that freaking love you is to create and share cool and valuable content on a regular basis.

What constitutes amazing content? Content that helps your IDEAL customers get what they most want. It’s either useful, entertaining or inspiring. Ideally, it’s a combo of all three. If it is…. Ya stuck gold.

Choose your medium based on your strengths. Are you a good writer? Blog posts may be perfect for you. Fucking hate writing? Well, blogging ain’t for you. The only marketing that works is the kind you ENJOY.

Cause if you dont enjoy your marketing channel... youre not going to show up on it.

And if you’re not showing up… well, YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.


Love being in front of the camera? Create video content.

Can you talk about a subject like nobody’s business? Podcasting may be your jam.

But don’t get hung up trying to do it all!!! Get good and consistent at one medium first, then branch out. If you love all three, knock yourself out. But dont get shiny object syndrome, mmk.

Once a week is a nice guideline to get started with. Many hardcore bloggers (video and written) post daily while other folks publish content more sporadically.

I personally take the sporadic approach. I have commitment issues and I’m a lazy bitch, what can I say.

But I can get away with that, b’c when I do finally show up, it’s POWERFUL AF.


Generally speaking, keep in regular touch with your market. And as long as your stuff is valuable and relevant, the more frequent the better.

And here’s a secret: your cool and valuable content doesn’t always have to come from you.

You can share links to other people’s cool and valuable content too.

Just keep in mind what your market’s greatest fears, frustrations, hopes and dreams are.

Share relevant material that helps them get what they most want.

Action Step: Make a list of 30 ideas for awesome posts/videos/ articles. Your content doesn’t have to be long. In fact, these days, the shorter and more to the point, the better. Quit thinking that everything has to read like a gd college thesis or an academic journal.

And don’t underestimate the power and value of this action step because having a go-to content list will keep you from getting “creator’s block” and make it much easier to stay connected to your market on a regular basis.

Remember, the better connection you have with your market, the more impact you’ll have on their lives and the more money you’ll make in your business.

5. Use The “Friend Filter” When Writing Copy or Creating Content 🌠

Which sounds better?

“Dear Customer, we’d like to take a moment to inform you about our upcoming two-day customer appreciation event being held next weekend...”


“Hey Boo! Wanna come to a party next weekend? I’d love to see you. We’ll have yummy organic food, drinks and you’re welcome to bring friends...”

No contest, right?

If you want people to fall in love with you (and your products and services) drop the corporate speak and industry lingo and get friendly. Use what’s called the “friend filter.”

When drafting any type of copy (blog post, email, sales page, video script) ask yourself, “Would I say this to my friend?”

If not, don’t send it.

Also, remember when writing copy you’re always writing to ONE person at a time. When your ideal client opens her email, she’s not sitting with a group of people around her computer or cell phone, she’s by herself.

Make her feel special and like you’re talking only to her. You know, friend to friend.

Like hey bitch, how you doin’.

Using the “friend filter” makes writing copy (or making videos, content and even products) dramatically easier and more fun.

Action Step: From now on, use the “friend filter” in all your creations and communications.

If you wouldn’t say it to a friend, don’t say it to your market.

Depending on your business and market, you can have a LOT of fun with this technique. Experiment and find your own groove. I predict the most powerful and profitable businesses of the new economy will take a much more personal approach.

6. Treat Every Subscriber, Fan and Follower Like Gold 🌠

Do you have any idea how AWESOME it is to have people pay attention and care about what you have to say?

It’s an incredible honor and needs to be treated as such.

Do your very best to treat every subscriber, fan and follower like gold.

Talk to them. For real. Pick up the phone or meet them in person.

Find out what they want. Find out what their fears and frustrations are. What are their hopes and dreams?

Answer their emails. Learn their names. Help them. Get to know them as best as you can.

Business success in today’s world = Caring. Simple as that.

Action Step: Commit to somehow acknowledge everyone who takes the time to comment, write you, watch you or otherwise reach out to your business. Humbleness and gratitude go a long way.

Do these 6 things consistently and before you know it, you’ll have raving fans that freaking love you and will happily buy from you again and again.

🌠 Now go CARPE DIEM! Above all else, have FUN and bring the JOY. 🌠

Big bear hugs.


Melynda Smith

Creator, Doula Biz From Scratch

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