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Beach Dance Party

Beach Dance Party

Nov 28, 2020

I hosted a dance party and recorded this ahead of time on Twitch and now it's on YouTube. I miss DJ'ing.

This dance party moved from a 60's Beach theme featuring Annette Funicello, Jan & Dean, the Astronauts and Beach Boys into some 80's new wave with Bronski Beat and Alphaville.

To each his/her/their own.

Watch the Dance Party!

Highlights include:

8:47 - "Bird's The Word" by The Trashmen

12:34 - "Muscle Beach Party" by Annette Funicello

18:40 - "Danceannette" by Annette Funicello

22:44 - "Surfin' Safari" from the album Jan & Dean take Linda Surfing (and I trash Linda's)

23:45 - Elvis Beach party songs and dances

31:42 - Phone Case Debut!

34:00 - Bronski Beat & 80's new wave

45:30 - "Tequila"

Skip around and enjoy!

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