Stressed out by making a decision on a b ...

Stressed out by making a decision on a business investment?

Jan 24, 2023

When that comes up, because we are constantly going to be making decisions as the CEO of our business... it simply means you're in need of more information before deciding - I can help with that!

One tool that's helped me when making business investment decisions is to learn my strategy & authority via Human Design. This is a great free opt-in to get a full chart by one of my close friends Pam December.

When you know your authority (you body's decision making tool) and allow it to guide you, it can make the decision process more smooth (aka not letting the mind chatter take over - I'm so guilty of this).

BTW -I get making decisions can feel stressful. Take the space you need - don't let anyone pressure or bully you into exchanging money for something unless it's a 'full body yes' from you!

If you're on the fence about The Pilot Program, here's more information for you:

Are you providing a 100% guarantee I'll book a client from your program?
I can never provide a 100% guarantee as the 'leave with a client booked' copy in the offer page is directly proportional to you implementing the action steps inside the program. If you do not implement nor take action on the trainings, the results are on you. I am giving you the tools but you do have to work to implement. I do not hand hold but I do walk the journey with you for guidance.

That being said, I deeply believe what I've created because I did it in my business, and I believe if you implement the steps of module 1, you will land at least one, if not more, clients. If it doesn't happen - we have the coaching calls to troubleshoot plus the feedback form at the end of the pilot program to suggest what could be more effective. 

That is the exchange and nature of a pilot program such as this - you're receiving a significantly reduced rate of $97 vs the $897 it will be when launched in April 2023, to access my signature framework system that teaches you how to get paying clients. 

I hope this helps as you play with joining this program as well as how you make decisions in general in your business!


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