What's Your Favorite Local Coffee Spot?

What's Your Favorite Local Coffee Spot?

Aug 01, 2022

My OG favorite coffee spots are Old City Coffee in Philly, Ocean City Coffee Co in Ocean City, NJ and the Zen Den in Doylestown, PA (RIP that one didn't survive the pandemic). These three places are special to me because of the fond memories I have from each coffee shop and of course their coffee options.

Since moving to North Carolina I've been exploring the local coffee scene. I was actually surprised by the amount of small coffee shops. Chain restaurants rule the land in the south, sidebar I really miss diners and no, Waffle House is not a diner (just need to set the record straight). As much as I love my Starbucks and Dunkin', I'd much rather support a small business. My favorite coffee spot I have discovered in NC is Raeford Coffee Company. It's a coffee truck that parks in different spots over the week and provides caffeinated goodness to all. My favorite drink is an iced latte with lavender syrup.

What's your favorite local coffee spot? Let me know!

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