An Initiation

An Initiation

Apr 04, 2021

Hello, and welcome to Medusa's Circle with Ruth and Sanyelle!

We are very glad that you are here.

A little over a decade ago, the two of us became roommates in a conservative Bible college dorm in the midwest. Through the years, we have seen each other through cross-country moves, ending shitty relationships, our individual experiences with deconversion, and subsequent initiations into mystical spiritual practices and witchcraft. 

Sanyelle is a desert witch and a mystic who enjoys studying various open traditions of magic. Ruth is a crone witch who loves to create a variety of introspective spaces for folx interested in unsettling their spiritual practices. 

We are here to learn, educate, and nurture community around the things we love: dismantling indoctrination, restorative justice, ancestral healing, shadow work, Lil Nas X, and obviously CATS. 

Reasons to follow us: 

  • You are experiencing or have experienced deconversion from fundamentalist religion 

  • You are intrigued about magic, esoteric studies, astrology, witchcraft, tarot, etc. 

  • You are interested in spirituality but nervous about spiritual abuse, spiritual bypassing, ‘love and light’ bull shit, etc. 

  • You are serious about nurturing a practice that reduces harm while hexing oppressors 


Be on the lookout for the announcements of our upcoming projects!

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