The Truth About Anatomy...

The Truth About Anatomy...

May 07, 2021

Anatomy is normally one of the first courses medical students are introduced to. We go into labs and work on cadavers and struggle to remember every single detail for exams- the muscles, the nerves, blood vessels etc.

But it doesnt end there. This post is basically to give basic science students a heads up and should be relatable for clinical medics. THE TIME THAT YOU GET TO STUDY ANATOMY DURING YOUR BASIC SCIENCE SEMESTERS, STUDY AND KNOW IT WELL. Anatomy will come back to haunt you. Time and time again and in the clinical rotation module, its very difficult to find time to re-study a particular course, so if your anatomy is lagging, so will you on the wards and that can be frustrationg.

So my advice is, get concrete and reliable anatomy notes in basic science year, keep them handy for ward preparation because revisisng anatomy will be crucial for most of the rotations especially those like general practice, OBGYN, ortho, surgery etc.

Don't make the mistake of being unprepared because this can really throw you off your game.

I hope this advice will help a fellow medic.

Any concerns or comments, you can reach me on IG @medic_notes21 or comment here.


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