Feeling low on motivation?

Feeling low on motivation?

Dec 11, 2021

This is a common feeling and complaint of medical students. And that's understandable. Medical school is hard and most times the workload can leave you feeling drained and low on energy or motivation to study. This is true but the bottom line is you have to study. You just have to. So what are some ways you could get out of that demotivated phase or slump and get your work/studying done regardless.

  • Take a scheduled break to refresh yourself and then do a proper scheduling plan for studying after your break.

  • Get out of the house; find a café, library, friend's house, or some other area conducive to learning where you can plan and carry out your studying for the day. This does not have to be every day but getting out of the house to study comes with its advantages and has proven to be quite efficient.

  • Motivate yourself. How can you do this? Get in your notes app, journal, reconnect with your inner passion, and remind yourself why you chose medicine in the first place to rekindle the passion that can realign you on your path with your needed boost of motivation. Remembering why you started medicine and constantly keeping your eye on that goal is a big and important way to stay motivated.

Any other ways you can get some motivation when feeling low in that department?

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