3 Values of a Medical student

3 Values of a Medical student

Jul 18, 2021

This post is merely opinionated but let's talk about some important qualities medical students ought to have/possess.

Medical school is hard, that's a fact and being able to adapt is important and can put a study ahead in a good way.

These values can be pre-possessed or honed in the process of defining one's self as the optimal medical student.

NB- the lack thereof of certain traits of a medical student does not predetermine the type of student or doctor that person becomes.

  1. Perseverance- this can make or break your experience in medical school as this field can be demanding. It is important to try to strike the balance in all things medical school and not persevere one's self into burnout. And something that I see more peers and other students doing of recent is taking gap years or semester off. Listen to your body and if you need a break, reward yourself with one if you can make that a possibility. The idea of perseverance should not over ride self preservation.

  2. Ability to be flexible- by this is mean how you use your time. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy in your downtime? In medical school, especially in your clinical years, you may not have a lot of downtime but it's important to make that time. You will need to disconnect at some point from the work and the books and indulge activities that you like and can blow off some steam.

  3. Be kind- most importantly to yourself. Medical school will demand that you give up alot of yourself so you will need to be intuned to who you are as a person and cherish that. Pay attention to the needs of your body and your mind and nurture that. Don;t become consumed by medicine and don't lose yourself in the process. Slow down when needed and refocus on things that benefit you mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Have a great week and be kind to yourself...always xx

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