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gitbird: the missing twitter link for de ...

gitbird: the missing twitter link for developers

Aug 06, 2020

Remembering is tough

I very much forget to tweet about my side-businesses. This is an issue, because users won't know what goes on within the company or any new featured that comes out.

Sad, I know. I also know I'm not alone in this issue! Thus, I've decided to spin up a rather old project. Namely - gitbird. This takes out the remembering of what you've accomplished throughout your commits.

What and how

The concept of gitbird is simple, does what it do and does it well! If I'd say so myself.

I did describe what it does in the previous section. Though, a more descriptive example might be in its place.

Say, one day you go all out on hacking upon your side-hustle. Super, right? Well, you might have gotten to bed after that latest commit. Next day, you don't remember everything, and really don't want to go through all of those commits. So, you navigate to, login and tweet out the relevant commits for your users! Simple as that 🤩

All you really have to do, is to sign-up and add the provided web-hook into your git-repository.

The raffle

Last, but probably the most important part for you. I've gotten in touch with the and they've provided me SEVEN coupons for a .TECH-extension! Whoop! I'm super happy about it, now it's my job to do a sweep-takes. All you have to do, is to signup and tweet at least once from gitbird. Easy as that. Below you'll find a link to the official tweet:

Best, Mads Cordes

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