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A Place in Your World Solo Transcription ...

A Place in Your World Solo Transcription, Performance, and Fractal Preset

May 12, 2023


Here's a transcription and performance for the A Place in Your World solo by Flying Colors. This is the first bit of Steve Morse I ever worked and man was it TOUGH. The string skips in this solo are pretty challenging... The bends need to be soothed just right... And some of the fingerings I worked out felt so strange. But, that's the great thing about working on different player's music!

I love the simple JOY of this solo!

You'll note that my performance is slightly different than what is in the PDF. This is based on differences between the live performances and the recorded version.

I generated the backing track using Moises, then augmented the strings with Omnisphere.

There's also a Fractal FM3 preset based on the ENGL amps. Angus Nelson (TSO) also gave me some input on the Fractal Facebook group and that got me pretty close to the sound.

NOTE: Steve Morse's solo tone plays big on using a humbucker in the neck position. It will probably not sound quite right with a single coil. 😛


>> PDF Tab

>> Backing Track

>> Fractal FM3 Preset

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