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The upside down life

The upside down life

May 31, 2021

Good day, you wonderful providers-of-creative-energy-through-the-gifting-of-coffeers.

Thought I’d check in and say hi.

Between writing chapters I often exercise to keep the brain fresh. I’m always looking for things that challenge mind and body (preferably at the same time.)

Handstands do the job. 

I worked on this tirelessly through Ramadan. While there is certainly still a long way to go, I’m consistently hitting 15 secs or more.

The point of this post is not: “Wow, look at me,” (like you, I can’t bear those). But something occurred to me as I went upside down, blood rushing to my head, that I would like to share.

Isn’t it weird how things that initially seem ‘impossible’ soon enough become part of the ‘norm’?

I think we all benefit from reminding ourselves of this.

The take away? 

Keep going. Ignore the naysayers. Live upside down...

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