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New Podcast episode: with Wendy Lennon, ...

New Podcast episode: with Wendy Lennon, international educator

Nov 10, 2022

As an author, I am more all too familiar with the idea that conflict and contrast make engaging characters.

My guest today is not a character from a book, though as an international educator and teacher she has read to and taught many to read and write throughout her illustrious career. She is though, a living example of how conflict and contrast forge steadfast souls.

On first meeting Wendy Lennon, you might mistake her gentle ways as weakness, but as you come to know her, you quickly realise she is a woman of wisdom, compassion, strength and substance.

Her life story, nearly twenty years of it written in the Middle East where only the strongest seem to survive, is an inspiration.

This is a longer than usual podcast episode because, when you are fortunate enough to meet ‘elders’ like this, you want to soak up all you can.


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