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New Episode of CWBM: with Zodax, experim ...

New Episode of CWBM: with Zodax, experimental Hip Hop artist

Mar 14, 2023

It takes courage to follow the path of The Buddhist Millionaire, the path where you are pursuing work you love that turns, if not now, then one day, a decent wage or profit.

It is a path littered with obstacles, challenges and self doubt. Few begin the journey, fewer still stay on it long enough to reap the rewards that await all Heroes on the other side of the finish line.

This path is harder when it weaves through the saturated terrains of modern music, harder still when the artist hails from a place where genre music is little understood, let alone supported and encouraged.

Zodax, my guest today, is a true inspiration, the epitome of a Buddhist Millionaire. Life could not have put more obstacles in Zodax’s way, yet still he finds the courage, heart, tenacity and time to create and share his music, music that has made it to the top of my playlists, as I’m sure it will yours.


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