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Is there more to life?

Is there more to life?

Oct 09, 2021

Is there more to life?

It’s a perennial question; sometimes it comes from a place of desperation, dark roots pulling one back beneath the soils of hopelessness, other times it comes on angel’s wings, inspiring us to fulfil our unlimited potential.

Whatever the source, its consideration and subsequent answering is vital for living well, or not, you get to choose.

My answer to this question has changed many times since the day I asked it during the 88 Temple Pilgrimage in Japan, back in 2007.

Today, for example, I value ‘win, win’ over ‘crush the competition’ deals every time. This new video is born from a shift in that perspective.

I met Wade (the creator of this video) through Sheri (she used to teach him when he was a boy). He and has his partner Monia are a couple very much exploring is ‘there is more to life’?

Check out this short video. Wade has done an amazing job of which I am immensely grateful. (keep an eye on his name; my money is on him doing something big in film and video creation in the future.)

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