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Conversations with Buddhist Millionaires ...

Conversations with Buddhist Millionaires: with Dr. Aljulanda Al Maskari: surgeon and cage-

Oct 02, 2022

Experience has taught me that ‘those who know rarely show’.

In a world filled with dogs whose barks are bigger than their bites, it is refreshing to stumble across a genuine high-level professional in their field.

Mastery of any kind takes persistence, dedication, commitment, and brutal amounts of hard work. The rewards for those who put in the effort are not only life-changing excellence (that benefits themselves and others) but also a sense of benevolence and subtly of character. My guest today is one of those rare breeds.

I met him when I walked into an MMA academy when first arriving in Oman. I have never been so warmly welcomed and only later found out, quite by chance, not only was he the owner of the academy, but a surgeon and UFC cage-side doctor too.

Dr. Aljulanda Al Maskari is a fascinating man with skills and knowledge that demand attention. But what makes him even more interesting is that you’d never know until someone came up behind you and whispered in your ear, ‘You know who that guy is, don’t you?’

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