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Mundulla Too Good for Kingston

Mundulla Too Good for Kingston

Jun 07, 2024

Mundulla proved too strong for Kingston on Saturday at Gall Park. the Tigers pulled away in the second half after the Saints made a big fight of the game in the first half.

Kingston started strong in the game as they put on the first two goals of the contest. Todd Lockwood and Jack Armfield hit the scoreboard for the Saints as the home team started with confidence. Brandon Tapfield started strong for the Saints as he looked good as a link-up player. Mundulla hit back with goals from Dylan Mosey, Jacob Grosser and Nathan Studham. Mosey and Studham's goals were amazing snaps from the boundary. Nathan Studham, Nick Mosey, Reagan Tink and Elliot Jaeschke started the game well for Mundulla. Orestis Gambranis, Todd Lockwood, Chris Draper and William Watts were playing good football early for the Saints. Mundulla led by eight points at quarter-time.

Kingston again got a good start to a quarter as they got an early goal from Todd Lockwood in the second quarter. The Saints' pressure on Mundulla and the football during the second quarter was great. Jack Tapfield, Ethan Murdock and Thomas Matsouliadis were in the thick of the play. Kingston were wasting chances in front of the goals. Mundulla eventually made them pay as Billy Wiese got free twice in a row to put through goals and help Mundulla build an eleven-point lead by halftime. Nathan Studham, Elliot Jaeschke and Billy Wiese were doing some great work for the Tigers. Ethan Murdock, Chad Wood and Chris Draper continued to run hard during the second quarter for the Saints. Campbell Watts provided some good link-up play during the quarter.

Mundulla put the clamps on the Saints during the third quarter as the Saints found it hard to get anything going forward of the ball. Lachlan Duell, Lincoln Weatherald and Reagan Tink formed a wall across halfback for Mundulla that the Saints couldn't get past. The Tigers were able to score down the other end as Austin Davies, Darcy King and Hamish Young added to the scorer's list during the third quarter. Mundulla had set up a 32-point lead by three-quarter time and looked in control of the contest. The Saints struggled to move the ball during the third quarter. Chris Draper, Thomas Matsouliadis, Ethan Murdock, Chad Wood and Campbell Watts were getting plenty of the ball but were not able to set up any good looks to score. Mundulla looked far classier when they had the ball. Nathan Studham, Nick Mosey and Elliot Jaeschke had big influences on the game for the Tigers.

Mundulla blew the game wide open in the fourth quarter as they hit a gear Kingston couldn't contain. Nathan Studham, Billy Wiese and Austin Davies were scoring goals for the Tigers. The visitors were running the game out hard. Kingston kept fighting hard and was able to kick two goals during the fourth quarter as Todd Lockwood and Thomas Matsouliadis added goals to the Saints' total. The Tigers added eight goals during the final quarter to help boost their percentage. Kingston will be hoping that week off allows the team to get some players back. Mundulla will be hoping the same but they are in a good position with the week off.

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