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"How can I do the stuff I want without b ...

"How can I do the stuff I want without being the face of my biz?"

Jan 06, 2021

"How can I do the stuff I want to do without making myself a brand or putting my face in public everywhere making claims?"

AWESOME question from TikTok and one that speaks to my heart because I am a massive introvert and prefer to be behind the scenes.

There's a lot of angles to approach here, and its something I struggle with, too.

There are so many folks and biz coaches out there saying "THiS iS tHe OnLY wAy tO bE a SuCCeSs iN BiZ, iF U dOnT FoLLoW iT uR a DumB-dUMb!"... and that's just a bunch of BS.

Push yourself to try new things outside your comfort zone?


But, pay attention to how you feel.

If its draining, there is 0 use in it.

This is a list of things I personally think about that helps to guide me through making content, showing up et al. I hope it helps you re-frame and maybe try out some things even if they feel scary.

  • YOU (or the royal you) don't have to be the face of your biz. You can do it without putting yourself front and center however, just know that humans love to connect with other humans and recognize faces before anything else. I personally believe that business is about connection. The easiest way to connect is when people can see/ hear from you. I don't think that you need to ONLY show you face, but maybe pop in here and there and see how that feels.

  • I try to keep in mind that my mission and goals are bigger than my fear of putting myself out there. I know that I have something to share that will benefit the right people. That is more of a driving factor than my discomfort. It is a work in progress to feel the fear and do it anyway. I pep-talk the shit out of myself daily because its scary!

  • "Making claims"- I'm not 100% sure what was meant by this but the feeling I get is that we don't want to be seen as scammy, salesy, pushy, slimy because other people have approached us that way and it feels, well, gross (MLM "Hey Girl!!!" comes to mind....)! To me, sales/ selling is simply connecting and problem-solving. When I had my store, people would often come in frustrated because they needed to buy a gift for someone who was impossible to buy for. It was clearly causing them stress. So, I'd ask "What is this person into? Do they like cooking? Entertaining? What are their hobbies?" and I'd get a list of stuff which allowed me to kinda get a feel for this person and suggest things they may be interested in. So, I'd show the customer the product, tell them about it and let them know I was available if they had any questions or needed more ideas. 9/10 they purchased. When we lead with integrity, that will always shine through.

  • Fear of judgement. YESSSSSS. Putting yourself out there is so hyper-vulnerable and opens the flood gates to all kinds of unwanted BS. There's a couple of things that I try to keep in mind 1) No matter what we do -or don't do- we are always judged by someone even if we don't know it, so we may as well do the dang thing anyway! 2) The people who are most vocal in a mean, non-constructive way are often hurting. Their comments are a reflection of what's going on inside themselves. Grounded people who are working on their own shit do not feel the need to cut others down. 3) What we focus on expands. I love to start my day thinking of all of the super cool, creative, kind people I will get to connect with.

  • We are all on our own path. We could follow the EXACT steps of someone successful and end up with different results because it was not meant for us. It can serve as inspiration, a guiding light or to spark an idea, but we are meant to blaze our own trails.

Hopefully there has been a small nugget in here that helps you to find a path that feels authentic and fulfilling to your own personal needs!!

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