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Astrocartography & Astrobranding for bus ...

Astrocartography & Astrobranding for business

Feb 12, 2022

I've been practicing astrology for decades and have recently been using Astrocartography & Astro-branding with my 1:1 clients.


Astrocartography is basically like overlapping your personal (or business') birth chart over the map of earth with corresponding planetary lines.

Each planet has lines that carry beneficial or more challenging energies that can influence:

-How well you communicate

-How your message is received

-How easily you achieve goals

-How easily you take action

-How centered/ grounded/ "good" you feel overall

(plus, a TON more)

By looking at your astrocartography map, you can see which lines are influencing you and your business.

-Are they beneficial? Awesome! You can lean on the energy of other harmonious lines to take it up a notch.

-Are they challenging? Ugh, I know...I live on my Pluto IC line. Time to look at what cities your better lines run though and strategically pull in those energies to balance.

We can even take this info one step further and use that to create a brand and boutique space that deeply feels like you.

Here's an example of an astro-branding client's chart as a mood board for her new retail space, brand colors & overall vibe.

Cool, right?

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