Your Saturn Card ♄ - How You Spend Your ...

Your Saturn Card ♄ - How You Spend Your Time⏳

Feb 15, 2022

If i just told you your saturn card was structure and work you would just be like yh yh 👀 👍🏾 because even though that's true its a very broad statement, its a very broad way to describe the saturn card...But if told you your saturn card shows you how you spend your time you'd be like hmmm 🤔 so how do i spend my time?

A J♣️ spends their time inspiring people with their values to make a profit (J♦️) and seeking knowledge (A♣️), or seeking knowledge (A♣️) to make a profit (J♦️) (J♦️ & A♣️ saturn cards), an 8♣️ person spends their time grinding their tail off (8♠️) to dominate their field (Q♦️) or working really hard (8♠️) to reach the top (Q♦️), A 5♠️ person spends their time leading people (K♥️) with solutions to their problems (3♠️) or being passionate about or being a leader (K♥️) in multiple fields (3♠️),A 2♠️ person spends their time opening up doors of knowledge (10♣️) to bring about progressive change in work and labour (5♠️) or teaching others (10♣️) how to bring change in their work and businesses (5♠️)

Its a much better way to look at our saturn card because this makes us want to look at our saturn card so whats your saturn card? what does it say you do with your time? comment it below lets talk about it🌞

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