What Principle Your fulfilling This Year

What Principle Your fulfilling This Year

Mar 15, 2022

An Interesting way to look at your year spread is to look at what cards you have in your spread this year and see what card has the same card in its sequence so for example this year i have 3♣️ in mars- in the world spread A♦️ also has 3♣️ in mars, in the spiritual spread K♥️ also has 3♣️ in mars - so based off this principle we can see i'll be taking action on leading people (K♥️) with something that makes me worthy & new financial opportunities (A♦️) , the 3♣️ in mars also denotes my mind is in 2 places at once which is why i haven't been making blog posts as much recently, there's a new financial opportunity (A♦️) which will put me in a leadership position (K♥️) that i'm working on that i haven't yet brought to the public yet but as you can see it's very obvious through the cards, this is a way you can look at your year spread without trying to over predict we're just looking at the energies we're playing with this year based on what cards have the same cards in their sequence as we do for our year spread, try this exercise out on your spread let's talk about it 👇🏾

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