The Queens Part 2👸🏾

The Queens Part 2👸🏾

Mar 06, 2022

The Kings the Queens have in mercury isn't just the mental influence and pull they have in the world it also represents their ideal man the King 🤴🏾 of her suit ♥️♣️♦️♠️, each of these kings have mastered their suit and this is the man the queens (our women) have in mind as their ideal mate the man who has mastered his suit, this is why women have such high expectations of men because as we can see the man that's on their mind (mercury card) is the king of each suit so a man still in his Jack stage won't work, i often times here women say "guys can't handle me" or "guys say i'm an alpha female" this is because the men they meet don't measure up to the king that they have in mercury

If we look at the Queens Venus cards you'll see it's the Aces of the next suit and those very Aces are also each of the kings mercury card, now this is interesting because venus is about the things you love so your venus card shows the things that you love and the mercury card shows your mind, the queens all have the kings mercury cards which are the aces as their venus card so this tells us the queens (women) love the mind of the kings, the king's mercury card is an ace and that's the queens venus card so each of the queens love how the kings think and communicate, the aces in mercury show that the kings have ambitious minds that are focused on initiative and acquisition and according to the principle as shown in the spiritual spread women love that and that's also common sense we all know that, it's just pretty interesting how it shows even in the spiritual spread basic things we see everyday, even in movies, everything they put in them we see it all in the life & perfect spread...and let me clarify the kings don't necessarily mean men whose birth cards are kings it's just the energy of the king when a man is mature and responsible he embodies the king of his suit regardless of his birth card

Q ♥️ heart women love the mind of a man who seeks knowledge and leads with his ideas and communication (A♣️ in venus)

Q♣️ club women love the mind of a man who seeks wealth,creates new financial opportunities and leads with his ability to acquire money and assets (A♦️in venus)

Q♦️ diamond women love the mind of a man who seeks to start,create and lead new business and work opportunities (A ♠️ in venus)

Q♠️ spade women love the mind of a man who really desires love and a family and has a passionate attitude towards life, they desire a man whose love never dies out and leads people with the passion he has in his heart (A♥️ in venus)

I'll be doing the Kings Next...

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