The Queens Of Every Suit Represent Our W ...

The Queens Of Every Suit Represent Our Women👸🏾

Mar 05, 2022

The queens of each suit represent all women of the world and it represents their psychology as a collective so depending on the suit of a woman's birth card determines what Queen she is; so if your a woman whose birth card is one of the heart cards (A♥️2♥️3♥️4♥️5♥️6♥️7♥️8♥️9♥️10♥️J♥️Q♥️K♥️) your personality card is Q♥️ you are a heart woman and we can analyse you and all women whose birth cards are heart suits in a general way by analysing the queen of hearts and it's the same for other women who are different suits, so if a woman is one of the club (♣️) cards then her personality is the Q♣️ we can analyse all women who are club cards through the Q♣️ and it's the same as women who are diamond suits they are the Q♦️ and women who are spade suits are the Q♠️

So now we know the queens represent our women, and since we're analysing the psychology of women let's take a look at the spiritual spread to analyse how women operate in their most natural state the spiritual spread reflects principles of life and the laws that God laid for us, it represents how God wanted things to be, so with that being said we can see that each Queen has a King as their mercury card...let's talk about that

Our Queens having Kings in mercury say a lot about our women and their role in the world, the kings represent leadership, authority and control and each one of them has that in mercury and based on principle this tells us God designed women to have control and authority in the world through their communication and ideas and we know this to be very true simply because we know that whatever women want or desire men will always try to be that or try to meet their expectations to impress them another example is the fact that women control the status quo, whatever women approve of or support is bound to be successful and this is because of the kings they have in mercury this shows that the words,communication & thoughts of women literally lead & control the world in some type of way, so if you can somehow cater to women with your products and services they will get the whole world on board with your vision because that's the plan god created - serve women and the whole world will serve you

now you guys are probably gonna hate me for this but 😂 this topic is going to have to be continued in another blog post because there's a lot to say and i want to cover all angles on here so stay tuned for the continuation of The Queens 👸🏾...

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